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Are you looking for a photographer?

Well then you have come to the right place! 

If something important is happening in your life, we want to be there!

I know... All of our lives are changing!

You child is about to graduate from high school, you are planning a wedding, and oh my goodness we are having a baby?!!

 Sometimes it is hard to keep up!

We are here to preserve those moments... from weddings and newborns to graduations and retirements... and everything in between!

Having a photographer that you love and trust, one that follows you though all of your life's stages, one that grows with you as you and your family grow is such a treasured gift, I want to be there for all of those moments! 

Jana Johnston Photography proudly serves the Sierra Nevada Foothills and surrounding areas.

No matter which service you need, you’ll experience a relaxed and fun photography session. We'll apply our unique expertise in artful lighting and professional editing.


We have everything you need to ensure your shoot is a success. From pre- and post-shoot advice to image editing and touch-ups, their range of professional services ensure you’ll receive the picture perfect outcome.


A talented foothill wedding photographer

You're comfortable in your own skin, but you may not be entirely comfortable in front of a camera. The two of you laugh a lot together, and you genuinely enjoy each other's company. You are planning a destination wedding, or have found the perfect venue close to home. 
You both love the outdoors and nature. Love, friendship and adventures are what you are excited about. 
After a long work week you would love a good farm to fork meal, but would be equally happy sipping a bottle of wine snuggled between your love and pup.
Tacos and great margaritas are probably equally appealing.
If this is you, we need to talk! Send me an email and tell me all about what your perfect wedding looks like, or better yet, give me a call! I can't wait to hear what you have planned. 


Sierra Nevada Family Portrait Photographer

You love your family, but sometimes they can make you a little bit crazy. 

You're excited about a photo session, but you're worried that it could go terribly wrong. Your kids can be a little rambunctious and they don't always sit still for photos, but you have really been wanting to hang these on your walls for a long time.

You need someone who can make this fun, simple and easy. Someone who can make you laugh in front of the camera, someone who really knows photoshop to clean up any messes and someone who brings bubbles and will be on their hands and knees playing with & high-fiving your kids!

This mom of 5 has got you covered!  


 Personal Branding Photographer

You are a business owner, an influencer, an entrepreneur. A lady boss.

You are frustrated at trying to come up with new ideas and posts, but you know this is the best way to increase your engagement!

You used to spend just 30 minutes a day working on images and posts for instagram, facebook, twitter and linkedin, but lately it is closer to an hour. 

(That adds up to over 8 weeks a year, nearly 2 months)

Posting the right images to social media feels so difficult.

This is time AWAY from your family! 

You want fun, engaging, images of you, you doing you, you with your family, you and your pets, you and your routines, you and your stories and you and your life...

You are busy and your time is valuable.

Some days you are exhausted, but you know the dedication it takes to grow your business.

You want that freedom back!

With perfectly branded quarterly images already formatted for your favorite platform, so you can select, post and relax.


Truly the Best!!!

Jana is exceptional and her gifts totally exceeded our expectations! Not only is she a stellar photographer, she is a brilliant artist with keen intuition. Our wedding photos were incredible--she managed to capture such genuinely precious moments in the most natural way. We will cherish these memories for a lifetime. So impressed and deeply grateful we found her. She and Braden are wonderful souls.

~ Jennifer

In choosing a photographer for your wedding it can be a painful experience, but when we finally met Jana and her husband Braden we knew they were the right photographers for us. From the beginning they understood our vision of fun and natural. We went to Edwards Crossing at the Yuba River for our engagement session and even though they hadn't shot there before they were able to capture some amazing photos and they got to see what my wife Katie and I were all about, Love & Laughter.
By the time the wedding came around we had established friendship with Jana and so we knew that the one thing we really didn't have to worry about was the photography. She met with my Wife and her brides maids at an offsite location to photograph them, while Braden was able to capture me and my groomsman onsite at the venue. During the wedding and reception it was a bit of a blur as it happened so fast, but because we had that confidence in Jana and Braden we could just enjoy our day naturally.
Then with the post wedding process it was remarkable to see the photos. Jana was able to give us a sneak peak (which was breathtaking) and then she went above and beyond with trying out new online programs which we were able to share with our friends that weren't able to join us on our wedding day. Then with the final review of all of the pictures we were amazed at how much of the event that they were able to capture.
I will definitely use Jana for any future events whether family or business. ~ Jedidiah 

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