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Rustic Nevada City Wedding at The Roth Estate with Katie and Jedidiah Watson

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

I just have to share this amazing wedding with you.... I am so happy to introduce to you to, Katie and Jedidiah Watson.

Their perfect mountain wedding took place at the esteemed Roth Estate in Nevada City. It was a quite possibly one of the scariest weddings we have ever shot. There were thousands of huge blood sucking mosquitos, a big cinnamon bear running around in the woods, menacing armed groomsmen, and torrential thunderstorm downpours.

The perfectly manicured Roth Estates on North Bloomfield Rd in Nevada City was the backdrop to this rustic, charming outdoor wedding.

Something I like to ask the groomsmen before their wedding “what will you be wearing for your wedding wedding? If you are looking for something a little less traditional or and alternative to the normal suit or wedding tux, Jedediah and his groomsmen have the answer.

The casual jeans dressed up with a nice button up white longsleeve shirt, and vest. These men had the perfect look for a rustic, casual or ranch style wedding.

The Dress

Photography by Jana and Braden Johnston of and WeddingsbyJana

Coordinator: Dennae Cromer

Katie and Jedidiah and their first look, wandering around the beautiful rose garden at the Roth Estate. Seriously though, we absolutely love this couple, and it is all I can do to hold back the happy tears for them.

An Amazing Ceremony with music by : Denes McIntosh


Meghann Meadows, Sarah Delgado, Cheir Harty, Laurel Simpson and Christi Giuliani.


CJ Ziegler, David Watson, Johnny Watson, Nick Ziegler, Stephen Watson. 

Cater: Emily’s Catering and Cakes

Photobooth by : Classic Photo Booth Rentals

Reception Music Cash Prophets

We lucked out and finished up this wedding just before the thunderstorm hit. We can hardly believe how much rain came down, and so so fast!

Would you like to see more of this Rustic Nevada City Wedding? Come check out this slideshow.

We feel even luckier that the bear that Braden and another guest had spotted decided to take off in the other direction rather than a wreck havoc on the reception! (We kept it on the down low, we didn’t want anyone to panic) but speaking to the owner of the venue we were made aware that the Bear not only likes to frequent the property, but especially enjoys taking a swim in the pond! Too bad we didn’t get a picture of that!! It was perfect except for the mosquitos! This is going into the bride tip category, for sure! Don’t forget the bug spray! We are not kidding....

Our bride, our bridesmaids, and so many of the guests were being relentlessly bitten and attacked by these nasty little blood suckers!! Our tip for you today is to make sure you bring bug spray to your wedding, especially if you are having an outdoor, or evening wedding and reception.

I promise you will thank me for this one! If you have already started a checklist of things you need to take with you, go right now and rights bug spray on your list! and if you haven’t yet started a checklist, start one now, you do not want to forget this!As an extra bit of advice we heard that fabric softener sheets can also help keep mosquitoes away. Maybe citronella candles for your table instead of regular ones? That could be a good idea too!

Nevada City Wedding in the beautiful California Foothills. Sierra Nevada Mountain Wedding Photography Jana Johnston Photography.

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