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Personal Branding Photographer

Hey Friends, Artists, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Influencers, and You!

Do you need images that represent you and your brand? Do you need to update the content on your social sites?

If you are the face of your business, then this is for you…

Some of you will be brand new to this and we will talk about that in just a minute.

If you understand personal branding and you spend just 30 minutes a day working on images and posts that adds up to over 4 weeks a year! WHAT 4 WEEKS??!!

My goal is to give you back those weeks.

I want to supply you with up to 3 months’ worth of daily Social Media Content: Images for your website, online promotions or anywhere you do business.

For those of you that are not familiar, this Personal Business Branding or Brand Storytelling, as I like to call it, would be PERFECT for you right now, whether you are just getting your business up and running or if you have been in business for years and are looking to expand your audience and increase your profits.

So many people make the mistake of believing that branding is a new headshot, logo and color scheme. These things are so important, but only a tiny snapshot of the overall idea and psychology of branding. Branding connects you to your ideal audience, your perfect client, by showcasing you, your personality, and talents to people who share your values and connect to you on an incredibly personal basis.

People love to connect with people. They want to know more about you, they want to see what your morning routine is, what leisure activities you prefer, meet your family, learn your passions and see you being you!

Here is what you would be getting with a Personal Business Branding / Storytelling Session.

I would deliver 90 images for you to use however you want, to help grow your business. They will contain no logos, you may edit them how you chose, and I can crop them specifically to match your favorite platforms preferred style.

The session includes a planning session prior to the photography session either over the phone, through skype or other platform or (depending on your location) this could be done in person.

During our session, we will then focus on capturing images of you and your story. Those can be your routines, your products, your environment or family so that you can use these images to market yourself to help you build your following and your brand.

We want to convey is value, (and what a value you are) your personal quirks and traits and what you want others to know is important to your business. We want to include all the personal and emotional moments that will connect you to your client. 4

What stories are you able to tell with selfies and stock images?

Can you show you speaking on stage?

How about you playing with your kids?

Or putting your next order together?

If you can or do… how do those photos look? Blurry? Poorly lit? Grainy?

I can help you capture any of these stories, and more.

I can help you personally connect with your audience to increase your presence, grow your following and market your brand… YOU!

I’ve been working in this space for many years, but I really want to streamline my process of planning out and creating custom photo sessions that perfectly reflect my clients’ brand.

The investment for one of these sessions right now is only $699, which is WAY lower than I’ll be charging once I officially add this service to my business in a few weeks.

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