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It's time to update your headshots!

Updated: May 21, 2019

Most of us spend a ton of time on our phones and on the internet. When you need a professional, a realtor, a plummer, or even a mechanic, one of the first places we turn is the internet.

Most business have websites, and how that website looks influences your decision to hire or not hire that professional. The same is true when someone looking at your website. Regardless of what you are selling, how your business looks online will either turn away customers, or help you make the sell.

Is your website looking a little dated? When was the last time you updated your headshots? Are your images blurry or taken with an iphone? Do you appear professional or is there a pile of laundry visible at your feet in your bathroom selfie?

Updating your headshots makes a great first impression and can give a fresh new look to your website! And when you look confident and profession, people trust you and want to give what you are selling a try.

Update your Website, Update your headshots

You are looking to create a powerful presence  – to stand out in the sea of other business.

Connect with your audience and use the power of photography to brand your company or yourself.

Is a professional Headshot really that important?

The use of images has become more important as society has become more and more dependent on the internet for information. Regardless of the need, most people turn to their mobile device or computer for the solution.

Before they’ve read about how great your services are, before they’ve checked out your qualifications and the awards you’ve won, they’ve made a split-second decision about your company, and you – based on an image.

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