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 Family Sessions | Portrait Photography 
Auburn, Grass Valley, Nevada City, Colfax, Meadow Vista

Remembering the special moments you've shared with your family are the most important things in the world.

Family and portrait photography can tell the beautiful story of your family like nothing else can.  Your family portraits are particularly important as new additions to your family are welcomed, children grow up, and family members change over the years.

As a mom of teenagers, and a grandma of little ones, I can tell you, I know how stressful it can be to plan something like a photo session. I worried about the kids acting out, being wild or not cooperating... or having the teenage scowl. I love children and all their diverse personalities and have a lot of creative tricks I use to make sure they are happy and cooperative so that we can capture the best images possible. I will never be offended by a teen that is less than excited about a session or a fussy little one. We can work together and make some magic happen!

What is family photojournalism?

A picture is worth a thousand words.... Family Photojournalism, also referred to as visual storytelling or documentary photography, has much less to do with coordinating clothing and sitting for a portrait... and much more to do with celebrating and capturing what is beautiful in your ordinary life. I come into a family home for about and hour, while you are doing all of your normal stuff together. Nobody is asked to stop and look at the camera or even smile. Or maybe we take a long walk together, along the beach, the river, through the woods. As you play or work together, I am there silently creating a series of images that tell a story about your family's life together.

Whether one on one or in a large group, from everyday smiles to once in a lifetime events, these photographs can be displayed as beautiful pieces of art, shared with family and friends and passed as heirlooms from one generation to the next.

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