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5 reasons why you should have a Trash the Dress Photo Session after your divorce!

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

Divorced woman finds peace, lights wedding dress on fire! Camanche Lake Reservoir, Ione, CA

Sheri was married for 20 Years. The ugly divorce took 5 LONG, LONG years! But...

She looked at her old life one more time, took a deep breath and whispered... I will never see you again!

Burn the dress? This Camanche Lake reservoir photo shoot ends in complete liberation and a ceremonial burning of the wedding dress! 

"Sometimes you just have to turn around, give a smile, throw that match and burn that fucking bridge!"

I watched my ex give up on me like I was average, that turned me into a savage!

"It’s crazy! I never thought, not in a million years, that I would divorce.

I thought being married meant you take those vows to heart... your married forever.

But when it’s a one-sided marriage and one is the boss, the ruler of the everything and the other one has to be catering, loving, kind... then you feel walked on. I had to walk on eggshells for years!"

"I finally reached my breaking point, I was beyond tired of taking the bullshit and finally got my courage up enough to tell him we’re through and you've got to go!"

I was really surprised that I found the strength to do it. It was so scary, I had never lived on my own, but I knew I could do it!"

"I did it!" "I have rocked it! And it has been so incredibly liberating! It took so much strength and inner confidence and determination to get to this point!"

"I have never been happier!" "To be able to burn that damn dress, oh my God!"

"I can explain the feelings... the day of the photo shoot, I was nervous! I was excited! I couldn’t wait to do it! And we got to the lake, I was like, I can’t."

But with a little help by an amazing woman Jana.... that moment came and it, and was like.... "I'm FREE!! I’m finally FREE!!!!"

It's been a long time coming! Having this photo shoot, getting all of these wonderful images and finally being done with all of this, made me feel so DAMN good! "I lost myself!... but now I have found myself again. I’m learning and changing and becoming the best me that I have ever been."

"Thank you so very much, Jana, for helping me find this release!"


Let's tell em' how we really feel!

Have you ever considered a trash the dress photo session? Have you ever been completely burned by someone you once loved? 

Here are five reasons the scorned you should consider a trash the dress photo session!

Divorces can be messy, traumatic, and downright painful. This is the perfect way to bring to an end a long and miserable part of your life.

1. Taking matters into your own hands and lighting your dress on fire can give you back your power. 

2. It’s an amazing way to celebrate you, and no longer having to put up with the bullshit! 

3. This can help you free yourself from all those ugly feelings of being in a relationship that didn’t make you happy. 

4. If your husband happened to be a cheater or a liar, It is a great way to to scream screw you right back at him! 

5. It just feels good... so so damn good! 

Beautiful, powerful, divorced and moving on!

Nobody ever plans on getting a divorce when they’re planning for their wedding... but when it doesn’t work out, we have the perfect solution for you! 

When I asked Sheri for a little advice, she said, "Do not give your past the power to define your future," and, I'm finally free, Let's Party!!.... my house July 27th!

Jana Johnston Photography services the greater Sacramento area including Amador, El Dorado, Placer and Nevada Counties. 

Come watch the slide show!! Sheri is a total badass, and a sunflower goddess!


Call to book your session! 209-304-9235

or email me @

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