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Llyana 9 Months old, Sunflower Milk bath

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

Grass Valley, Auburn, Loomis Family and Children's photographer, Jana Johnston Photography

Sunflowers, Babies, Adorable.

9 months old is the perfect age for a milk bath photo session of your little one.

And summer time is the perfect time for photoshoots, especially those that include water!

Baby Portraits! Summer babies! The perfect 9 month baby photo session!

We all know how fast our babies grow, and 9 months is full of milestones!

Oh my goodness!! 6-9 month old baby photo sessions are the best! They are super fun, inquisitive, and usually not quite yet put off by strangers.

By 9 months old, your baby is probably sitting up on her own or with a little support. She is also probably starting to pull herself into a standing position! Yikes!! (this little one was even able to do a couple of pull ups!)

She can easily get from place to place and delights in the curiousness of the world around her.

Most 9 month olds love water, too, so a milk bath session can not only keep them entertained, but also contained as they may also be starting to crawl all over the place!!

This is such an exciting time in the development of your baby... These moments pass so quickly. Don't blink, she will be up and running before you know it!

Let's stop time for a second, and save these perfect memories! Photo albums and wall prints are all perfect ways to capture and share these moments with loved ones, and preserve them for years to come!

Thank you so much Katie Say for all of the help, and the great company!

The personalities of these little ones shine though... they are serious, but love to laugh.

Come check us out, we would love to capture your babies moments!

Here is a little behind the scenes of just what goes into capturing children's portraits.

Are you looking for a photographer?

Well then you have come to the right place! 

If something important is happening in your life, we want to be there!

I know... All of our lives are changing!

You child is about to graduate from high school, you are planning a wedding, and oh my goodness we are having a baby?!!

 Sometimes it is hard to keep up!

We are here to preserve those moments... from weddings and newborns to graduations and retirements... and everything in between!

Having a photographer that you love and trust, one that follows you though all of your life's stages, one that grows with you as you and your family grow is such a treasured gift, I want to be there for all of those moments! 

Come check out this adorable slideshow!

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